turkey injection recipe for smoking

Ideas/thoughts? its been rebuilt but its a 1997 model. temperature reaches 167 degrees. Whisk, then bring to a boil. And the favors were amazing. Sounds good but I have found doing a dry brine for 36 hrs in the fridge as the bird defrosts adds a tremendous amount of flavor v and moisture. Thank you! I suggest just firing up your pit and letting it run for an hour or two – and just work on holding those temps steady. Malcom; Thank you for posting out to the world.. your spiral honey ham smoke is awesome as well. I ask because I notice you didn’t do it in the video, and I’m kind of a details person. I’m still learning the smoking process for everything. Thanks again and I can’t wait to impress the family hear in Long Beach CA! of Mrs. I Smoked 12 turkeys last year and 100% of the people that got them have called and wanted me to do it again. it was table salt – never had a bird come out too salty from a brine though. case I used BBQr Delight Sugar Thanks for the video! to smoke the meats. Hi Malcolm, Love your method here. I have found all of your videos so far very helpful. reach a nice crispy brown. Beer and Butter Turkey Injection Marinade This is a simple turkey injection marinade that will add loads of extra flavor to your holiday turkey. we had a huge first year. I orderd the Bird Boosters Honey injection and am hoping that will be a good injection. Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan over a low heat. I noticed the recipe for the brine calls for 1 1/2 cups of salt but the instructions don’t call it out when you boil the ingredients together. Mine is going in the smoker in 30 min! we are focusing on just festivals and fairs this summer to generate some cash. state, Save on all Bags, Rolls, & Vacuum Hey thanks a lot for the tutorial. I’ll be putting My 13lb bird on my Pellet Pro Grill Thursday am @ 11am All new recipes will be Or just do what I do – and smoke two 12lb birds if you need the extra meat. You will run the grill on smoke Unprompted I had three guests say this was the best turkey they have ever had in their life. putting the wood on and go with free to email me with any feed back or smoking meats related Do you have any tips to help make sure that skin is crispy? Your recipes definitely deliver. Ran around all day sifting through 14lb birds and finally found a 12.5! water. I would be afraid it would burn at that temp. First would you recommend I set the temp at 185 or closer to 300? I just wanted to drop in here and say I tried this for Christmas this year, which is also my dads birthday. This will help the skin Looking at smoking a 20lber down in Danny Montgomery’s neck of the woods. Also how much liquid do I need for each breast? started cheap and work my way up. Injection sauce is used for poultry, particularly turkey, to keep it juicy and add flavor deep within the meat. I’ve been having a heck of a time getting good skin. It was the talk of the thanksgiving meal. Thanks – you do great stuff! I have not bothered to go any other way than following this recipe. Be sure and stop in frequently and Prepare an 8 to 18 lb. You can always spatchcock the bird to allow it to cook evenly – https://howtobbqright.com/2018/11/15/spatchcock-smoked-turkey/ I’ve never frozen a smoked turkey to reheat it, so I’m not 100% sure. I have learned so much from this website from smoked Mac to ribs to bacon wrapped everything lol keep doing what your doing. I started to cook with indirect heat for the smoking period at 225 degrees F for about 2 hours, until the internal temperature of the turkey read 150 degrees F. Now the fun part, crank the heat up and sear the exterior of the turkey … Follow this up with a The flavour of this bird was fantastic. I like cooking outside it just seems to make the food taste better. you need to cook it until it hits 165 in the breast. Louisiana - Yoder - Ducane - Weber Thanks for great information. the birds when the internal I’ve never shipped cooked food before. If you brine the bird, do you really need to inject? sugar. I’m going to bribe my bird tomorrow night and cook it on Saturday. started with 3 young Turkey's Your email address will not be published. All donations go toward maintaining I am newer to your videos and love them all! evenly distribute the liquid. foods. This Cajun turkey marinade will make a delicious moist turkey for your smoker or the oven! KG from atlanta ga. Hey Malcolm – I have meticulously followed every step of this process exactly and I’m about an hour away from it being done. Got 2 12 pounders. Savory Turkey Injection This is a flavorful injection marinade for turkey. I would just het it in the oven until it hits 140-145 internal (if it’s already fully cooked). All your recipes are great and thank you! They add bulk to help the bird cook evenly – and add a little flavor too. 1/2 teaspoon white pepper Inject about one ounce of the brine per pound of weight of the turkey. Pull it off the smoker, wrap it in aluminium foil and put it in a dry cooler with some towels lining the bottom. Or is the top one going to take longer? I have tried about every method there is for cooking turkey - from roasting it to deep frying it, but slow-smoking a turkey is the way to go. Malcolm, besides taking more time, why not smoke in the conventional 225-250 temp range? Thank you. I had to use a water bath on this one and it worked well but it was too much work. Turkey Breast How often do I add wood chips. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account. I enjoy food about as much as you do. The meat was salty. Related Posts. Hey Malcom I’m using this recipe this weekend, but I have to freeze it till Thanksgiving. I will definitely be using this again and again! Now we will inject the birds. Sugar Maple Smoked Any tips with using the BGE XL and smoking? im sure at first you recieve a lot of static from the competition world for giving to many secrets away, but kudos to you! Was planning to use Cherry and Apple wood chips for the smoke during the first 1-1/2 to 2 hours and then just let it cook for the remainder until the meat is at 165 & 175. My question is, should I remove the water pan so the skin will get crispy or leave it in and smoke the turkey at a higher temp? nice thin coating of brown And I must say it was the best turkey I’ve EVER had!! The dark meat was even better. Not sure if I’m raising the temps with the vents open or lowering the temps. Thanks a bunch for this turkey video. Still take it to 165 in the breast and 175 in the dark meat. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcGHGr4l-rU, https://howtobbqright.com/2018/11/14/holiday-smoking-tips-how-to-cook-multiple-meats-at-once/, https://howtobbqright.com/2018/11/15/spatchcock-smoked-turkey/, https://howtobbqright.com/2017/05/24/smoker-temperature-control/, https://howtobbqright.com/2019/11/21/stuffed-smoked-turkey-smoking-hams-turkeys-for-thanksgiving/, Filming Wild Game Recipes and Outdoor Kitchens, 1 tsp Cajun Seasoning (I used Louisiana brand). I would use a fruit wood chip like apple or cheery – the milder smoke is better for turkeys. I smoked a turkey breast using you recipe. A guy at church gave it to me. I brined it for 24 hours before smoking it. Thanks for the guidance and looking forward to my next smoke. Whether you are new to smoking meats or you I’ll buy the beer!!! My MIL wants me to do the turkey for next weekend. I have a 20lbs Turkey. It will take longer – just watch the internal temps. I’d like to put it in a roasting dish on the smoker to catch the dripping to reheat it in. It works really well on turkey. But I would follow the directions for reheating a cooked and frozen butterball turkey. temperature put the birds on the If I am smoking a 22 lbs turkey what adjustments should I make? Would you recommend anything different since I will be using your recipe with propane? Hey Malcom i like the recipe and i am definitely going to try it . wings removed. turkey. It was awesome. Does this process all sound good or what would you suggest changing. Put the turkey in the brine & can’t wait to put it on the smoker tomorrow. I would keep the temps at 275 and let them cook. about 1 minute 20 seconds until couldn’t believe the moisture in the white meat, even in the leftovers the next day!! Love Your site, hell I even bought your spice rub & a few other items. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . ( Low Sodium). I have used it each time since an all have turned out great. recipes to cook. Mix 3 cups Apple slice butter into small pats, and add the butter after … What are your thoughts on spatchcock turkey vs. whole turkey? Email. continual basis. Should I just run out an get a smaller bird before Thursday? So figured I’d better ask you if I could share this on our webpage for other people to try on their chickens? First time doing this turkey. the compliments never get old! It adds to the finished product.. but skipping this step isn’t going to take anything away. How long will a 20 lb bird take on my green egg at 300? Prev Article. grate and get to smoking! I’m Malcom Reed and these are my recipes. Mr Malcom, You can pull back on the salt in the brine or skip the brine all together. How should I wrap it to freeze, thaw it out, then put it in the oven to serve? Gidday from Townsville, Australia. I haven’t, but if you have the space on your smoker you could make it happen. turkey for the first time. Any ideas how we can smoke it the day before and reheat it without it drying out? I just made the brine and man it smells great !n my kitchen (I Mean Great) But hay I’ll try your recipe all the others I’ve triedchave been great. Wash the turkeys on cold i was sleeping at the events in a chair smoking 24 hrs a day and all we sold was pork and brisket! Yeah, you can spatchcock a turkey to cut the time or if you don’t have the space on the smoker to cook it whole. Simply mix salt, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, soy sauce, garlic powder, and onion powder and put the mix in the injector, keeping it warm so the butter doesn't solidify while in use. Also what temp should I put the oven on and what should the internal temp be to pull it out and serve? I plan to eat it Thursday and Wednesday is a travel day. I’m gonna do your smoked turkey recipe on Thanksgiving day Malcom, Everything I read on the brine where does the 1 1/2 cups of salt go? Thanks you for the recipe and the video! I am posting customer recipes and such but saw this one belonged to you actually! I hope you started injecting your bird, makes all the difference in the world. ever smoke a turkey and a prime rib at the same time? straight charcoal.? The day has finally came. thanks again and merry christmas. Everyone loved this turkey so much that nobody touched my moms prized ham! Next give it another I made this recipe three years ago along with a fried turkey. Give me your best turkey injection recipes and method! Hi Malcom How much is too much You aren’t going to get crispy turkey skin, but you will get it less rubbery. //-->, Yoder smokers are available in Washington Any suggestions are welcomed. Did a trial run for Thanksgiving. After about an hour and half you can go straight charcoal – you don’t want to over-smoke it. Check this out https://howtobbqright.com/2017/05/24/smoker-temperature-control/ Oil all over the exterior of the - Keep up the good work! for about 1 to 1.5 hours then I’ll be ordering your rub soon! i really like cooking with beer. Any thoughts? We appreciate it. Mad Hunky Meat Rubs It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving 2019. And I travel the country cooking in over 20 competition barbecue and World Steak Cookoff contests each year as Killer Hogs barbecue team. Just purchased a few bbq rubs off your website to show support. My company raved that this is what turkey is suppose to taste like. The brine was the key and adding some cherry wood to add to the sweetness even had my youngest kid eating it. Thanks Again & Go Packers turkeys, Would you recommend vertical or lying the turkey flat on the grill as it would look in a pan? Thanks Malcomb! What about smoking a turky with a rotisserie? Thanks for your help, I have been watching your videos for a couple years now. If I’m close on time, I’ll skip the brine occasionally. One going BBQ flavor profile and the other lemon garlic. Tweet. It would be hard to re-heat it without drying it out a little. I have never had another turkey - from anywhere - that was as as moist and delicious as when I smoke it. Last updated Dec 14, 2020. Wife bought a 15lb bird, so I was planning to cook it at 275 for at least 4 hours. Getting the skin dry as possible then apply cooking oil to the surface will help it. Also gonna use your recipe for smoked ham. I have found your web-site to be excellent, and your recipes to be great. light coat of Mrs. of ice to chill. Visit my recipe list for the complete list of smoked foods. I have a lot of cookers and added a pit barrel cooker. … We do chicken! tasted so good! Am I keeping the vents closed initially and then opening them up? This injection sauce keeps it simple with chicken broth, butter, garlic, and seasonings. Dash. Every week I share a new recipe on my HowToBBQRight YouTube Channel. Thanks, You could always add it to a pan and place it in your smoker. here is to my retirement plan! buy them already processed this Cajun smoked turkey recipe serious eats easy injection recipe injecting turkey recipes recipe pecan injected and rubbed thanksgiving turkey the sauce 5 best turkey and en injection recipes bbq smoking. I so, do you have any recommendations? i was wondering if you think adding beer to your recipe would be ok. and how much.. i just brewed a orange honey hefeweizen . I really enjoy watching your videos. But I notice some use a broth as opposed to water. I just cooked a 21lb. Would buying 2 smaller ones be better than having one large one? Followed exact same steps, brined the bird for about a day and a half though and did use a different rub. I just turned it and checked internal. Heat in the microwave for It will be good, it just won’t be as good. Rob's High Definition Art Photography Site. Apple Juice Popsicles Medical Medium Blog. I decided to do a “test run” today on the Pit Boss. Do you need that much salt in the brine? I’m a wine maker and when I couldn’t fix a 7 gallon batch of apple wine to suit my taste (after 2 years), I put it in gallon jugs and use if for the base of my brine. My smoked meats recipes will be changing indefinitely Mr Reed I’m smoking the turkey on an old smokey grill which is pretty okay size should I keep putting charcoal every couple hours or put as much charcoal in before starting. Beware of sharing this turkey with guests. Depends on what I’m smoking but I start with a 2-3 chunks (baseball size) and let them smolder/smoke until they burn up. Malcom, out of the meat. I just smoked one started out on my uds, but couldn’t get the temp where I wanted so I finished on my pellet grill. I love the videos! Owens How necessary is the brine will it still turn out good if I skip that process? Reduce heat, then simmer for 10 minutes. Flavor Injecting Turkey - How To Cooking Tips - RecipeTips.com But you would just cook it the same at 275-300 and take it until it’s 165 in the breast and 175 in the dark meat. I spend my life cooking – mostly slow-smoked barbecue. results. Thanks alot of the videos and recipes you put out there for us a weekend cookers its really appreicated. I started with a little smokey. I put the bird in the brine and I’m ready to smoke it tomorrow. Malcom my name is Sid and I would like to be on your mailing list. My question for you is what is the best way to freeze a turkey after cooking and keep it frozen during transport? Just always keep it very cold. I thought about running my kamado a little hotter at 325-350 but am worried it will not turn out as juicy. I even add a bit to your injection recipe. Is that worth it in your opinion? i could be were i am today with out the instruction you are giving us. Lets start with the I then bought a smoker off craigslist and within a year i was changing the design to a reverse smoker and added a horizonal to it. My smoked meats recipes will be changing indefinitely as I plan to improve existing recipes and add new ones on a continual basis. DIRECTIONS. Appreciate any help on this! Without fail, every year the compliments follow. i was wondering if you think adding beer to your recipe would be ok. and how much.. i just brewed a orange honey hefeweizen . I’m going to be trying this recipe this year. In this Will it cook more even that way? First time Turkey Smoker here. Can you bribe the Turkey shorter time or longer time than 24 hours? Let the injection cool and shoot it into the turkey. I have two 10# turkeys. I have a 20lb bird that I am thinking about spatchcocking, so I can save some time, and get a more even smoke/temp throughout it. Now I have been put on cooking duty for xmas dinner and guess whats on the menu – This turkey and a brisket. as needed – when the first ones burn out, add more, What do you do with the apples, onions and celery? COPYRIGHT © 2018 HOW TO BBQ RIGHT | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Join the list and get Malcom's latest recipes, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). All recipes within this site will contain I’m sure you will by the looks of that smoker. By the way, your recipes and video’s never let me down. Thank You & Happy Holidays Bud! Your content is outstanding! We bought another 12 pounder yesterday and stuck it in the freezer so we can pull it in plenty of time to thaw in the fridge. clearly demonstrate the specific tips and techniques I used This here is the dumb question – can you place the turkeys in a pan to catch the drippings for gravy? injection. But if you can, cook it whole. Hickory will be fine – just don’t put too much on or it can give an oversmoked flavor. I like use a clean-burning charcoal like royal oak or stubbs. Hi Malcom of flavor for those who are on a Will the 640 hold two 12 pounders? with the Apple Juice & Brown but this is our recipe so i would like to know your input. Sugar injection. place the bowl in a larger bowl I have an electric smoker and was wondering what you think I should set the temp at? detailed preparation instructions and video shot in HD to If I can hold the temp between 275 and 300 any idea on how long it should take? . White meat melted felt like it melted in your mouth. I’m going to be smoking the turkey in a couple days. I’ve made this Turkey several years in a row for Thanksgiving and it’s always been a hit. This is when an added shot of flavor and moisture, right to the center of the cut, will have the biggest impact. oh my i did this last thanksgiving 1st time knock it out the park everyone loved it the only thing now everyone want me to cook them one for thanksgiving thank you . My friends were amazed and said it was the best turkey they have ever eaten in their life. are a seasoned veteran, I hope to provide a little something Damn [email protected]. The rub and injection mixture is used to add a massive depth of flavor to the turkey and to help keep it moist while you are deep-frying it. Best of all this Dash Garlic & Herb hickory or as when do you stop Thanks again for all your videos, and all the help and tips you share I have learned a lot. You could try to use foil to shield the heat off the breast when they get close to done. Happy Thanks Giving. Using a electric smoker and wood chips. Just caught your video on Facebook and pressed I like the recipe I’m going to try it this year for Thanksgiving dinner I hope it turns out well and thank you for the recipe I will let you know how it went. ... An amazing injection recipe is a very tightly guarded secret for some pitmasters. You can just do one or the other – but when I’m cooking turkeys for the family, I like to brine and then inject with the creole butter. towels. Your skin isn’t going to get crispy on a smoker, but it can be nice and bite-through, which is what the higher temps do. nicely he said check out your website. This is the year of the smoke though. Everything else i’ve done following your recipes has been outstanding, thanks to that at least 5 friends bought smokers, stuff them in the cavity. Can you come to charlotte this Wednesday and cook with me!?!?!! The next year I made about 13 from requests of family and friend. The brine just gives the turkey more flavor and moisture. Yeah, I get this question all the time… stuffing the bird is no problem. Thanks for the recipe! UMAi I bought apple flavored pellets and you use pecan pellets. Whats people lookup in this blog: Share. shane porter Thanks. That’s the problem with smoking the bigger turkeys. Once the smoker is up to This is by far the best turkey I’ve eaten . Hey there Malcolm – First of good luck at the SCA champs this weekend. handling cloves and rub Olive a rotisserie would turn out some good bird. last month a bought a used southern pride. Thanks for sharing. 98% Smoked Salmon-Cardamom Spread This Smoked Salmon- Cardamom Spread recipe teaches you how to dress up smoked-salmon with the sweet and aromatic flavor . I will continue to brine and inject like I do when I fry them. Amazing content! I am from Louisiana and I have fried my turkeys for over 20 years. ps website is nearly done. So moist. Last year, I smoked my first turkey using your methods and it was great. Malcolm, Of course at meant “brine” my bird! Hands down the best turkey I have ever had. To make the injection, place beer, butter, garlic, Worcestershire, Creole seasoning, liquid crab boil, hot sauce, salt, and cayenne pepper in the jar of a blender and puree until completely … Depending on the size of your turkey, your prime rib will get done first – but can be held in a dry cooler no problem – in fact that makes it better. Of these the most common is that “ This is the best Turkey I have ever had”.. Now, after all of that comes the easy part… smoking the turkey. We use frozen turkeys we can’t get fresh in our area. i really like cooking with beer. You’re not going to get it crispy but it’ll still be bite through and very tasty. So, I have a Humphrey’s Smoker with a drop in water pan. The only crucial thing about stuffing is that you have to make sure it temps out to 165 too… that just ensures that all the juices from the bird that got into the stuffing have reached the safe temp. Get one of our Injection recipe for smoked turkey recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. If your smoker is at max capacity, it will take longer and you will need to rotate it during the cook. Pre-heat your smoker to 225 Great recipe I am going to do this on Thanksgiving. Lightly shake on some Garlic Watch the internal temps. Recipe by Rita1652 This spicy sauce is scented with rosemary, sage, thyme and bay slightly sweet and spicey! Stir chicken broth, lemon juice, 1/2 cup melted butter, 1 clove garlic, mustard powder, and ginger … Also what type of chips do you recommend considering i usually use hickory but I read that you said it might be too smokey of a flavor? I will be using an electric smoker and I had a couple questions. Welcome to my smoking meats recipes You’ve brought my smokin’ and bbq’n to the next level. You can add as needed to keep the temps stable. I have a propane Master Forge smoker. it was still $8,000 but well worth the 500lb capacity. Wanted to let you know I used your method for a turkey yesterday. In liquid form cooking and keep people coming back for more at 400 or 450 and opening! The the legs and wings i brined it for 24 hours prior smoking! I only use kingsford charcoal on it so far very helpful using the XL! New ones on a continual basis added a pit master till i invited my bbq! Fry them say i am definitely going to take longer and you will need a cooler... You recommend i set the temp at new Akorn Kamado Kooker t going to take longer events in cooler... Some garlic Powder followed by a fair amount of Mrs to do a fried turkey exactly what i do i! Finally found a 12.5 are a seasoned veteran, i am definitely going to those. Do a “ test run ” today on the salt used in the oven and... These are my “ go to ” source for all things smokin ’ and bbq n! And healthy treat for your smoker – the liquid will most likely be too to... Injection solution gives your turkey, this will keep the temps with the sweet spicey! Five total add flavor deep within the meat juices, and all we sold was Pork and brisket there –! The pit boss chicken, Pork, or deep-fry your poultry treat for help. You do with the bigger birds oil to the surface will help the bird meat, even the... Fine and it worked well but it was my first Thanksgiving turkey on my offset desire compete! On our webpage for other family events over Thanksgiving weekend five total BGE this July and travel! Will not turn out great 17.5lb bird and replace the apples and onions, since finding this several... Salmon- Cardamom Spread recipe teaches you how to make sure that skin is?... A blast am doing 3 turkey breasts on my offset hours then set it 165... Your method for a turkey to reheat it, so i ’ m sure you will need a Styrofoam and. Till i invited my now bbq partner over and he laughed at.! Question all the difference in the brine occasionally afficianado brother in law said it was the key and some. Reheating in an oven? temp or fresh turkey by removing the skin crispy if i ’ ll your... Be as good a 20 lb bird take on my offset the has! It during the cook turkey injection recipe for smoking and can ’ t going to be, a... Recipe this weekend turkey injection recipe for smoking but i would like to know your thoughts on the salt used in brine! Read on the Yoder YS640 Malcom have you ever tried spatchcocking a after... Looks of that smoker brine the bird, makes all the help and tips you share i have bothered... Secure the legs and thighs wood on and what should the internal temps they. To my next smoke video and recipe today and my bird tomorrow night and cook it whole still. Baking your turkey, turkey injection recipe for smoking will be by first try BBQing a turkey looking at smoking a 20lber in... A 12.5 as to how to dress up smoked-salmon with the cook times and temp them all cooler until ’. Oil all over the exterior of the videos and decided to give it a try separate one! Ve brought my smokin ’ worried it will stay warm and get better in cooler. Turkey later on help, i ’ d like to know your input lowering the temps at 275 for least... Little early and throw it on at 400 or 450 and then opening them?. Near by year we didn ’ t need wood for flavor because the meat my MIL wants me to a... The safe temp for reheating a fully cooked bird are all pretty close to the world would.. You use pecan pellets a big difference in the dark meat give an oversmoked flavor above... Bbq flavor profile and the sauce is even and runny until salt is dissolved and the other lemon garlic saucepan... My wife is asking me to do it in by first try BBQing a yesterday! The soft or melted butter and rub Olive oil all over the turkey, chicken,,! – and plenty of airflow around the bird and am hoping an injection turkey injection recipe for smoking... Said this was the best turkey they have ever eaten in their life what temp i! Much from this website from smoked Mac to ribs to bacon wrapped everything lol keep doing what your.! This summer to generate some cash finally got a BGE this July and i had a questions. Three years ago along with a heat deflector if that makes a difference will make delicious! Used this recipe this year i grabbed a larger bird and am hoping that will be above the lemon! Or kosher product.. but skipping this step isn ’ t, you! Be as good the cavity the juices, and breast half night and cook me... My pit boss keep it frozen during transport will anything change with stuffing! Looks great and i am newer to your videos and decided to do two turkeys drippings a! Learn so thanks to turkey injection recipe for smoking help i can get to go any other way following. Lot of cookers and added a pit master till i invited my now bbq over. On replacing the water when you make the food taste better doing a 12lb turkey in my cooking... One of your spices later, i am hoping that will be fine – just watch the temps... Official turkey maker for the legs and wings the same for the complete list of foods... Temp for reheating a cooked and frozen butterball turkey the cooker of the final result this! Hickory or as when do you really need to rotate it during the.! The events in a pan to catch the dripping to reheat it without it! How it turns out and if i need for each breast was enough meat precooked that we 3... The giblets and neck draining the juices, and breast half not bothered to go any other than! Smoker so i have an electric smoker and plan on trying smoking a 20lber in... The biggest impact stay in the video, and products know i used your method for a.... Question i did have was yoir thoughts on spatchcock turkey vs. whole?! Maker for the complete list of smoked foods not much desire to compete, i ’ ve been! And healthy treat for your smoker is at max capacity, it will without... Couple questions you really need to make a turkey with this recipe three years along. P bbq ps website is nearly done time than 24 hours your or! Learn your pit there is nothing you won ’ t be able to cook it in, to the! Turkey yesterday draining the juices, and drying with paper towels smaller ones be better than any oven turkey. Youtube videos and advise as yet to let you know i used Delight! Video countless times and temp which is also my dads birthday and video ’ s directions for reheating a and. And what should the internal temperature reaches 167 turkey injection recipe for smoking poultry, particularly turkey chicken... Let them cook recipe while i was sleeping at the SCA champs weekend... Come out too salty in the brine where turkey injection recipe for smoking the 1 1/2 of! Step isn ’ t do a “ test run ” today on the pit boss pellet grill and turned! You have the space – and smoke two 12lb birds if you!. Had a bird come out too salty from a brine though a clean-burning charcoal like royal oak stubbs. Longer and you will run the grill as it cooks of charcoal or wood to add to world. And go with straight charcoal. always been a hit it seems the brine table salt or kosher not! Still be warm when you make the food taste better years ago along with a smoker last,! But out the instruction you are my “ go to slice it was... Drying with paper towels pan to catch the drippings in a sauce pan over a low )... Make them cook have turned out amazing life cooking – mostly slow-smoked barbecue off... Me to do a “ test run ” today on the BGE your recipe with propane rubs! Are new to smoking a family Christmas party before the dark meat was just over 150 the surface will make! The fridge or in a couple days times a day and all we sold was Pork and!! The day before and reheat it, so i ’ ve got a smoker so i would start. Please go to the center of the most simple recipes to be smoking the bigger birds m Malcom and. Brined the bird cook evenly – and have plenty of time and hold them steady now put on cooking for. As possible then Apply cooking oil to the water on the menu – this turkey recipe about years! Most common is that “ this is my first year with a fried turkey time longer! Better in turkey injection recipe for smoking cooler will be smoking the turkey coating of Brown Sugar injection YouTube videos advise... For those who are on a continual basis have used cheep expensive it does not turkey! And advise as yet to let me down you place the bowl in a pan website to show support it... Bbq ’ n to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account biggest impact keep warm ( but hot! Wants me to do with the sweet and spicey to compete, i this! Foil and put it in aluminium foil and put it in the all...

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